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Christen Bakken  Flower

Christen Bakken is uncertain if she found yoga, or if yoga found her, but since 1998 the yoga mat has been Christen’s refuge. Her first visits to the mat had nothing to do with tight hamstrings or shoulders and instead, had more to do with reducing anxiety. Through movement and breath, she began to see the mat as a place to let go, and, only then, strengthen and soften in all areas of her life.In 2006, Christen took her first power yoga teacher training. She has done many trainings since then; her most recent is 500 hours with Rusty Wells in San Francisco.

Christen's specialty is weaving together the work we are doing with the body, to the work we can do with the heart and mind. Bhakti, the devotional practice of yoga and Christen’s style, asks students to look past their tight hamstrings and hips, and really begin to see what is magnificent and already perfect about their bodies. Christen’s vigorous flow classes can transform not only the way you move on the mat, but the way you move through your life. Her intention is to lift your heart and inspire you to see divinity in each moment.