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30 min class (32:20)
$ 5.99
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Rockin' Bhakti - Vibrant Flow

Christen Bakken

Sometimes you just need to shift your energy/attitude/vibration. This quickie of a class will surely meet you and move you. You will work a few unexpected transitions to shift your mindset. You will play with gravity on your hands and balancing on one foot. If what you need is a sense of earth, you will find moments to ground down. If what you need is a sense of center and self, you will work the core body. And if you want to share your heart and reach a bit further, you will reach for the heavens. This fun and short class will get your heart pumping and hopefully bring the vibrational shift you desire.

Christen recommends using the following playlist for this class: Spotify playlist for Rockin' Bhakti - Vibrant Flow

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