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20 Minutes to Get Om


20 Minutes to Get Om

Episode 4: Anxiety & how to master it
Episode 4: Anxiety and how to master it Everyone experiences anxiety, and while it's a normal part of life, it can negatively effect your life in many ways.  Join hosts Katy Saeger and Jamie Kent along with our guest, Ashley Turner as we discuss how to face stressful, dangerous, or unfamiliar situations and everyday simple practices everyone can use to alleviate anxiety naturally.

Episode 3: Collective healing
Episode 3: Collective healing During these unprecedented times, we discuss the importance of community healing, grieving collectively and how to expel toxicity - both mentally and in the body. Listen in to find out more.

Episode 2: Conceiving with love in difficult times
Episode 2: Conceiving with love In this episode, we talk with Denise about what family planning and intimacy look like in these uncertain times.

Episode 1 - Relationships during quarantine
Episode 1: Relationships during quarantine In our first episode we talk to Jillian Turecki, a renowned NYC-based relationship coach who shares coping mechanisms to turn relationship turmoil into possibility, and explores how we can use this time ‘alone together’ to strengthen and even mend a relationship.

Intro In this intro episode Jamie Kent, founder of Yoga Download, answers all things Yoga Download and shares more about the new '20 Minutes to get OM' Podcast - a Podcast about getting centered & taking 20 minutes each day to find your higher self.


yoga download podcast
yoga download podcast