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Where do you yoga?

phones and tablet devices


Get the YogaDownload app on the Apple and Google Play stores!




Easily and conveniently access our entire library of classes right on your TV through your Roku device!

To access our channel, search for Yoga Download in the Roku Channel Store

On your Roku select Streaming Channels from the main menu, then select Search Channels. Now type in Yoga Download to the search. You will see Yoga Download in your search results and then finally select Add Channel.

You will get a limited-time free trial with full access to all of our classes. Once your free trial is up, you will need to purchase one of our subscription memberships to continue accessing our full catalog of over 1000 classes on your Roku.

Click here to activate your YogaDownload Roku Channel now!

phones and tablet devices


1) If you don't already have the Internet Explorer App installed, go to Apps, select Browse Apps, search for Internet Explorer and then download the app.
2) Open the Internet Explorer App and type into the address bar.

Wii U
1) From the Wii U Menu tap the blue globe icon on the bottom of the screen to be taken to the Internet Browser Start Page.
2) Type into the address bar at the top of the screen.