yoga download

Get our channel, search for Yoga Download in the Fire TV Channel Store

On your Fire TV select the Streaming Channels from the main menu, then select Search Channels . You will now type in Yoga Download to the search. You will see Yoga Download in your search results and then finally select Add channel . You will get a Free Trial for a limited time with full access to all of our classes.

Activate your Fire TV device

When you first start your Fire TV channel you will get a Free Trial for a limited time period which gives you unlimited access to Yoga Download classes.After the trial expires, you will have to activate your device to continue to get unlimited access. From the main screen simply select Active Now and you will receive an activation code. Come back to this page and enter the code below. You are also allowed to activate more than one device.

Get a Account or Login If You Have an Account

Select the button below to go to the login page, either enter your login information or select the Register button to create a new account.

Get a Subscription for Unlimited Access

Purchase one of our subscription options and gain full access to our entire library of yoga, pilates, and meditation classes, accessible right from your Fire TV, for as little as $10/month.