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Yoga for Healthy Joints

Posted on 5/19/2017 by Yoga Download

What’s your favorite benefit from your yoga practice? Flexible hamstrings? Strong shoulders? Steady balance? Peace of mind? How about healthy, supple joints?

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8 Lifestyle Changes that Will Boost your Mental Health

Posted on 5/18/2017 by Shawn Clark in self-care Healthy Habits Well-being Mental Health Conscious Living

Mental health is a serious subject to take into consideration, particularly as there are so many conditions associated with changes in this area. When speaking about this subject, no one takes into consideration potential lifestyle changes, which could greatly improve one’s mental health. To come to your rescue, we have gathered no less than seven lifestyle changes, destined to boost your mental health and improve your overall quality of life. Keep in mind that these changes can help you deal with conditions such as depression, anxiety or even bipolar disorders. Take action today and be healthy not only tomorrow but for the rest of your life.

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Bites

Posted on 5/11/2017 by Corinne Marabel in Gluten Free healthy breakfast ideas Pre Yoga Snack Treat Yourself AVeganKitchen Easy Recipes

I Love Saturdays. Part of the reason is because it marks the start of my weekend. However, there’s something particularly relaxing about waking up on a Saturday morning and knowing that you have absolutely nothing to do! This morning I jumped out of bed at 7:30 (I’m in the process of ‘reseting’ my internal clock because I’m really not a fan of sleeping in) and thankfully the sun was well and truly shining!

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Deepen Your Yoga Practice

Posted on 5/9/2017 by Yoga Download in Deepen Your Yoga Practice Japa Meditation Yoga Inversions

When is the last time you experienced a breakthrough on your yoga mat or meditation cushion? Yesterday? Last month? Never? If you feel stagnant with your regular yoga practice, we’re here to offer you options to break through and deepen your physical asana practice or the quality of your meditation time. Consider different ways you can amplify your practice.

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Essential Sequence: Immune Booster

Posted on 5/8/2017 by Jason Crandell in Jason Crandell Healthy Lifestyle Essential Sequence Practice of Yoga Immune Booster

Whether you’re in hyper-drive, ticking your way through the holiday to-do list or you’re feeling too depleted to get off the couch and do yoga, the sequence here is invaluable to have in your back pocket during the winter months. It’s not a high-intensity practice – it’s a healing, nurturing, immune boosting yoga practice. The poses encourage relaxation, reduce stress, and facilitate circulation throughout your whole body. These are the three most effective things that yoga asana can do to help support your immune system.

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Full Moon in Scorpio (05/10/2017): Embodying Sacred Sexuality

Posted on 5/4/2017 by Alanna Kaivalya in Alanna Kaivalya Alchemical Ritual Spirituality Positive Transformations Full Moon in Scorpio Astrological Reading

The full moon on May 10, 2017 lights up the sky…and our embodiment of sacred sexuality. While Scorpio is known for those two unavoidable principles in life: death & taxes, it is also known for the depth of connection we feel through spiritually-driven intimacy. On a soul level, Scorpio demands that we use our intimate relationships as more than just a way to satisfy lustful energy, or as an ego-boosting activity. Scorpio wants us to use our sexuality as a way to deeply connect on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level in order to transcend consciousness. 

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Breaking down Transformation

Posted on 5/4/2017 by Ashley Josephine in transformation Surrender self-study Ashley Josephine Kriya

Transformation is often touted in the yoga world as an aim for which we practice. In fact, the phrase “transformation starts here” is written on the door of one of the yoga studios where I teach. But what does that word really mean? What does the process of transformation look like? How do you teach it or guide that experience for someone else?

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Teaching Yoga: Sanskrit Terms Explained

Posted on 5/3/2017 by Elaine Clara Mah in Beginner Yoga Tips Teaching Sanskrit Terms Explained Pranayama Chakras Namaste Drishti

As a yoga teacher, there may come times where you would use Sanskrit terms during class, whether you like it or not. This is because it is often the case where most Sanskrit words don’t have an English equivalent that fully explains the meaning of the terms.

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Nadi by Nature: Get To Know Your Energy Pathways

Posted on 5/2/2017 by Yoga Download in Raise Your Vibration Nadis Energy Pathways

From your fingers to your toes, the Nadis are making connections in your body. In the yoga tradition, Nadis are the energy superhighways running through the body – and depending on the lineage you have anywhere between 72,000 to 350,000 of them.

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Shrimp “Pad Thai”

Posted on 5/2/2017 by Conscious Cleanse in The Conscious Cleanse 80:20 recipe Clean Eating Whole Food Diet Vegan Foods

By this point in late January, most people have long forgotten about their New Year’s resolutions. In fact, last Tuesday was declared Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day by one source. No big surprise there! Real change doesn’t miraculously happen just because you declare it so! It doesn’t happen overnight, or even in a 14-day cleanse. Long-term sustainable change happens slowly, over time, as a result of practicing new healthy habits. The key is to take action! To DO something everyday that moves you closer to your goal.

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Choose a Higher Vibration

Posted on 5/1/2017 by April Laliberte in Raise Your Vibration Healthy Choices

Have you ever signed up for something with 100% knowing that it was the best choice you ever made? Don’t you wish you could have that kind of clarity all the time? This is one example of how raising your vibration will serve you. Your choices and the energy behind them creates our energy structure and our vibration-and when all is aligned you have the clarity that makes your choices feel divinely inspired.

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Taurus New Moon: Take Stock of Support and Self-Care (04/26/17)

Posted on 4/24/2017 by Alanna Kaivalya in Alanna Kaivalya Taurus New Moon self-care Alchemical Ritual Astrological Reading

The New Moon in Taurus on Wednesday, April 26th, invites us to plant seeds in the areas of life that support, sustain, and nourish us; most particularly, our finances, personal values, relationships, and sensuality. Any new moon period is an opportunity to take stock of what you would like to cultivate in your life, and this moon is a perfect time to retreat, take stock, and indulge in some self-care.

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Essential Sequence: Fold into Lotus Pose

Posted on 4/24/2017 by Jason Crandell in Happy Hip Stetches Jason Crandell Lotus Pose Essential Sequence Hip Openers

Lotus Pose (Padmasana) is one you were likely familiar with before you ever set foot in a yoga studio. Surely you’d seen sculptures of Siddartha or photographs of Indian sadhus with their legs tightly folded together in a pretzel shape. It’s a pose that’s associated with serene states of meditation — and the shape of the pose really does encourage quiet.

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Dahl Fit For a Saint

Posted on 4/24/2017 by Rebecca Katz in Healthy and Happy Easy Recipes Detox Tips Healthy Habits

My first internship when I got out of culinary school was in the kitchen at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, where they had an entire wall filled with dozens and dozens of spices. I swear that wall looked like a piece of art—in the form of a jigsaw puzzle that I had to figure out. The way you knew you had earned your stripes in the kitchen was when the executive chef finally let you make their famous dahl.

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Happy Hips

Posted on 4/24/2017 by YogaDownload .com in Hips Yoga for Hips Hip Health

If your hips aren’t happy, odds are you won’t be happy either. In order to stay pain and injury free, you need to keep your hips open and stable. Yoga Sutra 2.46, Sthira Sukham asanam states that the posture should be stable and comfortable. Often, this principle is described as seeking the balance between strength and softness or effort and ease.

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6 Ways for Yogis to Celebrate Earth Day

Posted on 4/19/2017 by Yoga Download in Ahimsa Root Chakra Earth Day Walking Meditation Yoga for Earth Day

Both you and the Earth could really use some love right now. So we wanted to send you into the weekend, and into Earth Day, with 6 ways to bring in the values and actions of your yoga practice to the planet.

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7 Powerful Asanas To Help You With Healthy Weight Loss

Posted on 4/12/2017 by Vineetha Reddy in Asanas Weight Loss Yoga for Stress Relief Healthy Lifestyle Favorite Yoga Poses

Are you tired of pushing a plateful of delectable food away from you? Is the dieting getting on your nerves? Do you feel deprived? I feel you. In the quest to shed a few kilos, we all try things we might not necessarily enjoy. From gulping down bitter juices to munching on tasteless greens, weight loss is more of a task than anything else.

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Don’t Fear the Fat! Why It’s Time to Add Healthy Fats to Your Diet

Posted on 4/12/2017 by Andrea Ferretti in Andrea Ferretti Healthy Fats mindful eating Tips for Healthy Living

My most memorable and doable resolution for 2016 has been to eat more fat. Yes, you read that right: Eat. More. Fat. Decades ago, fat became the villain of the America diet and carbs were king. Now the low-fat approach to eating is being blamed for the rise of processed carbohydrates and high-sugar foods — think sweetened low-fat yogurts and splenda-sweetened Starbucks bevvies.

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Fruit Free Green Smoothie

Posted on 4/12/2017 by Conscious Cleanse in The Conscious Cleanse Green Smoothie Healthy and Happy Healthy Fats Fruit Free Smoothie

Hey guys! It’s Jules! Today’s recipe was inspired by my sister who has a strong aversion to bananas, but for years has asked me for a deliciously creamy green smoothie sans fruit! As a self-proclaimed fruit lover and full-blown banana addict myself, to say that I’ve been resistant to ditching fruit from my diet would be putting it lightly. After all, fruit is as natural as it comes. I have thrived on a high-fruit diet for months at a time (one of my many food experiments)! Plus fruit is a whole food that comes from the earth and has been known as one of the most healing foods we have on the planet. How could it be bad for us?

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How To Improve Your Practice

Posted on 4/12/2017 by Ashley Josephine in Mind Body Connection Yoga Practice Ashley Josephine Deepen Your Yoga Practice

Are you wondering how to improve your yoga practice? It’s one of the most common questions I get from my students and clients. It’s also one of the hardest questions to answer because there is no one answer. Improving your yoga practice is not about learning how to do the postures the “right way” or learning how to hold a handstand and master arm balances. Improving your yoga practice starts with shifting your perspective, keeping an open mind, and committing to stepping on your mat, literally or figuratively, as often as possible.

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Simmer Down

Posted on 4/11/2017 by Yoga Download in Deep Breathing Yoga for Stress Relief Wind Down Yoga

"Few things are so pressing that they cannot wait for a moment of breath." - T.K.V. Desikachar

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Full Moon in Libra (4/11/2017): The Balancing Act of Radical Transformation

Posted on 4/8/2017 by Alanna Kaivalya in Harmony Alanna Kaivalya Life Balance Alchemical Ritual Creativity Astrological Reading Libra Full Moon

The energy of this extraordinary Full Moon in Libra propels us to create radical transformation in the areas of relationship, creativity, and artistry. Libra’s essential qualities of love, harmony, and diplomacy are rocked by its close association with the most powerful astrological event in the sky involving three great planets: Jupiter, Pluto, and Uranus. 

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What I Learned from My First Year of Yoga

Posted on 4/5/2017 by Kristin Gibowicz in Yoga Teachers What Yoga Teaches Us Kristin Gibowicz

As I reflect on my humble beginnings this Spring, I give thanks for my inspirational teacher-trainer, Trevor Tice who passed away suddenly in December 2016.

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Seize the Day!

Posted on 3/29/2017 by YogaDownload .com in Carpe Diem Seize the Day Live with Passion

What do yoga and Eminem’s hit song, Lose Yourself have in common? Both focus on seizing the day or Carpe Diem. Yoga is about living in the present moment and experiencing the ease and the discomfort of each day. Carpe Diem is defined as the enjoyment of the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future. The lyrics from Eminem’s hit song focus on the transient nature of life and how we need to grab it with both hands:

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4 Great Places to Go Off on a Rendezvous with Your Yoga Mat

Posted on 3/28/2017 by Manmohan Singh in Travel Yoga Take Yoga Anywhere Essentials for Traveling

In the mood to travel but lost for the companion of your heart? Sling on your yoga mat and get going. Once you do, you'll find your practice is achieved through connection with the earth beneath your feet and the sun shining in a bright blue sky above. Go deeper into this rewarding experience of harmonizing with your core and the universe that has shelters you. Your strife to reach and feel the presence of the divine will deepen as you come to know the changing terrains, people, and colors of the lands you travel.

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Bejeweled Forbidden Rice Salad

Posted on 3/27/2017 by Rebecca Katz in Spring Salad Detox Tips Healthy Habits Bejeweled Forbidden Rice Salad Easy Recipes

This is certainly a case for visuals drawing you to the plate. Served with salmon, this rice—an indigo delight—pops like a painting, beckoning you to come closer, closer . . . and that first bite seals the deal. The rice and bell pepper play delightfully against the creaminess of the avocado, while the mint and cilantro roll all around your mouth like pinballs, blasting taste here, there, and everywhere. This salad enchants all the senses—and the rice is a whole grain as well, feeding the mind in more ways than one.

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My 5 Favorite Yoga Postures (And Why I Love Them)

Posted on 3/27/2017 by Jason Crandell in benefits of yoga Jason Crandell Get the Most Out of Your Practice Favorite Yoga Poses

Common wisdom tells you to work on the postures that bring up resistance and challenge you. Personally, I’m okay with this sentiment—after all, there’s plenty of value in exploring the edges of your comfort zone. As a practitioner and teacher, though, I tend to emphasize the opposite—I choose to indulge the postures that I love with egregious frequency. I encourage the teachers that I train to do the exact same thing. We love the poses that we love for good reasons: they awaken us, they ground us, they soothe us, they challenge us, and they nurture our mind’s ability to focus and settle down.

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Up Your Game with a Targeted Yoga Practice

Posted on 3/24/2017 by Yoga Download in yoga for athletes

Whether you’re a hard-core athlete, weekend warrior, or avid spectator, we here at have the classes to help you enhance your athletic performance and prevent injuries. Yoga goes beyond simple stretching by working the muscles and joints through all ranges of motion—activating the little-used muscles that support the primary movers. The body must be worked through all three planes of motion in order to remain balanced and healthy. Even if you stretch pre- or post-workout, you’re probably just stretching the muscles in the same direction and plane of motion in which you are exercising.

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Aries New Moon: The Rogue Warrior (3/27/17)

Posted on 3/24/2017 by Alanna Kaivalya in Passion Alanna Kaivalya Alchemical Ritual Spiritual Warrior Aries New Moon Willpower

With the Spring Equinox, we start the Zodiac year in the sign of Aries. The new moon this month follows suit, and in Aries fashion: the moon goes rogue. It’s standing powerfully in the sign of Aries with only the sun and Venus nearby. No other ties to planets in other signs, means this Aries new moon…is about as Aries as one can get.

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Wherever I Go, Yoga Goes – 7 Tips for A Mindful Vacation

Posted on 3/23/2017 by Yoga Download in Online Yoga Take Yoga Anywhere Mindful Vacation Mindful Travel

Happy spring! We’re here to help you stay on top of your game physically, emotionally and mentally while you’re on the go. Whether you’re planning a spring vacation or opting for a staycation, here are 7 tips to keep your body & mind right when you’re on the move:

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