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Full of Gratitude

Full of Gratitude

What if happiness was a choice? What if even if you were in one of the most challenging chapters of your life, you could still live with a grateful attitude? What if you learned to trust the transience of the peaks and valleys? If you could trust that everything is temporary, and you can be happy despite the difficulties?

In yoga, this concept is expressed as Santosha or contentment. Yoga Sutra II.42 interprets the Niyama Santosha as the greatest happiness, the underlying joy that cannot be eradicated despite life's challenges.

All steps along the yogic journey take practice and cultivating gratitude is no different. Learning to be grateful for what you do have in any given moment instead of focusing on what’s missing can transform your life. What we focus on expands so if we direct our attention to the positive, that’s what will occupy most of our being. We’re not talking about toxic positivity or pretending difficulties don’t exist. It’s not always easy to feel grateful. Buddhism preaches that life is hard. Maybe it is but your life doesn’t have to be defined by the tough times.

If you find yourself stuck in a place of fear or negativity, look at Yoga Sutra 2:33. Pratipaksha Bhavanam encourages us to replace negative thought patterns and emotions with positive ones. Practice catching yourself when you’re being judgmental, critical, or negative. Pause and reframe your perspective with compassion, kindness, and positivity. Focus on the positive in each day and begin to cultivate your patterns of appreciating everything in your life.

One of our favorite tools is a gratitude journal. All you need to do each day is jot down three things you are grateful for, no matter how small or large they may seem. The warmth of sun on your skin, a text from a friend, a snuggle with your dog or cat––anything that you appreciate. Another great practice is doing a five-minute meditation each morning focused on one thing you’re grateful for in the present moment. Soon, focusing on what you’re thankful for instead of what’s weighing on you becomes your new pattern!

This week, we’re excited to offer you classes focused on feeling grateful! We are grateful for you! 

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