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90 min class (1:33:06)
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Invitation of Gratitude

Alex Cordoba

Mark Nepo once wrote, "you can't separate the berries from the thorns that grow them, any more than you can separate the flowers of love from the prickers of loss that grow them." And so it is with the Invitation of Gratitude; to experience the richness and true texture of it in our lives, we cannot give thanks for just the seemingly obvious and 'good', but we must also soften ourselves to, and give thanks for the not so good moments, the hard losses and tough lessons, and the times we've been humbled to our knees. In this class, we'll use deep hip opening (via the external rotators), shoulder stretches, and hand-balances (such as eka pada koundinyasana, bakasana, eka pada galavasana, and bhujapidasana) to work our way towards kurmasana (tortoise pose), appreciating equally the berries and thorns we meet along the way, just as we strive to do in our everyday lives.


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