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80 min class (1:20:22)
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Shakti Rising

Alex Cordoba

By you this universe is borne,
By you this world is created,
O Devi, by you it is protected.
- Devi Mahatmya

This Anusara-Inspired class is inspired by and dedicated to all the amazing women - mamas, grandmamas, (soul) sisters, wives, daughters, partners, girlfriends, teachers, weavers, lovers, dreamers, believers, fighters, mystics, space holders - in the world.

Throughout class you'll take the shape of the bow (dharnurasana, twisted mother, ardha chandra chapasana, natarajasana, kapinjalasana) so that your heart never forgets its target: to find voice instead of silence, hope instead of fear, courage instead of timidity, resiliency instead of victimization, community instead of isolation, and most importantly, STRENGTH and POWER to stand fully in all of who you are and were born to be!

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