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The Practice of Gratitude Meditation

The Practice of Gratitude Meditation

Gratitude is a practice that grows over time. This practice of gratitude is one of giving and receiving. However, it is an appreciative act of kindness and abundance. That is, in order to practice gratitude, we learn to give without expectation of receiving. We also learn to be receptive and open to what others have to offer. The fruit of this practice is abundance in all aspects of your life, whether it is within yourself, at work, or in your closest relationships.

One of the simplest ways to practice gratitude is to recite something you are thankful for upon waking up or throughout your day. Simply acknoweldge what arises by saying: "I am GRATEFUL for…"

Try saying thank you as much as you can. Say thank you to your bus driver, your server, your mother and your children. We can find appreciation for them in every moment. In turn, the very act of giving thanks makes us feel fulfillment. This practice is like charging up your Gratitude Bank.

Whether you are on the giving or receiving end, we see that what goes around never fails to come around. When we nurture gratitude, we show gratitude to people and things we care for and then it also teaches us the same. We learn to appreciate and love-- and to be appreciated and loved.

Through these cycles, we can feel a sense of gratification in our life’s path and relationships. We can work through issues of forgiveness, trust, and insecurity. A lesson many of us learn in practicing gratitude is appreciation for difficult situations and even the people that have challenged us, ultimately changing our lives for the better. Starting a gratitude practice allows us to bring this newfound awareness to light for help, guidance, and mindfulness.

Is there something in your life that needs a little extra attention? Try this Gratitude Meditation and allow the benefits to unfold as it becomes a daily ritual.

Gratitude Meditation

- Choose something in your life that you think needs a little extra TLC. Focus on this as your intention. 

- Sit or lie somewhere comfortable without any distractions. Let yourself settle into your body and notice how you feel mentally as well as physically. Begin to breathe as deeply as you can. Repeat “I am grateful for my breath” either aloud or inside your mind. Imagine that feeling of gratitude washing over the entire body. Repeat this practice as many times as you need to in order to clear your mind and strive for a deeper focus of gratitude.

- Now bring your attention to what you have chosen to be grateful for during this practice. Repeat “I am grateful for…” whatever it may be. Say it as many times as you need to. Notice if any negative feelings arise. Place your hand on your heart and continue to work into your gratitude. Our heart is our center of love and compassion and allows us to work through any negativity. Imagine your gratitude as a beam shining directly from your heart to whatever or whoever you are grateful for.

- Stay here and continue breathing.

- Finally, repeat “I am grateful to be ALIVE” and feel tuned into yourself, the Divine, a higher source, the planet, or your community- whatever gives you a sense of connection. Bring your attention to the crown of your head, your 7th chakra, and envision that same white light now beaming out of the crown of your head. Breathe deeply here until you feel a sense of deep calm.



Lindsay Nova often calls herself “a one woman spiritual circus”. She is a firm believer in the wisdom of the body, the strength of the heart, and the power of the breath. After studying dance, yoga, and movement throughout the United States, she has dedicated her life to being an international creative fitness educator and multidimensional performance artist, inspiring and empowering others to take charge of their lives and live their own dreams. Currently she has been traveling through Central and South America with hula hoops and a yoga mat, teaching yoga, hiking volcanoes and ancient ruins, and trying shamanic medicines among other various adventures!

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