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8 Benefits of a Full-Body Workout

8 Benefits of a Full-Body Workout

Choosing a fitness or yoga routine is very important if you want to maximize results and make the most out of your time. Sometimes people quickly start working out without thinking through what they are looking for from exercise. A full-body workout or yoga practice is a great way to get results all over and maximize the time you have. 

Here are 10 benefits of doing a full-body workout:

Less time commitment

There is a much lower time commitment required for a full-body workout. If you’re busy, it might be hard to fit in multiple types of workouts each day of the week. Full-body workouts can be done over just a few days a week to allow more time for other things in your life. They may take a little longer but it will be fewer overall weekly time commitments. 

Increase muscle recovery rates

The second benefit of doing a full-body workout is to increase the muscular recovery rate. When you recover from session to session, you will progress in your workout and yoga program. Because you get time out between each full-body workout, you’ll give your muscles maximum recovery time. 

Boost of testosterone

Lean muscle mass is affected by the amount of testosterone you have flowing through your body. The higher the levels of testosterone you have in your body, the faster you can build muscle mass tissue. Full-body workouts that utilize full-body movements work more muscle fibers and release more testosterone, which is also helped by compound exercises that full-body workouts are made up of - in order to work every muscle group thoroughly. 

Easy to adapt

To avoid yoga and fitness plateaus, it’s important to constantly change things about your exercise routine. This could be things like the poses you’re doing, the types of workouts you do, and so on. When you split up your workouts to different parts of the body, it can be harder to add in variety. Full-body workouts, however, can be easier to swap things around from day to day and week to week. Also, if you become injured in a muscle group, with a full-body workout it can be easier to omit exercises that aggravate the injury and can replace it with others that don't! 

Decrease your central nervous system fatigue

Full-body workouts give a lower level of central nervous system stress on a weekly basis. When you lift weights, stress is placed on the central nervous system. Whatever the movement is, your central nervous system will be stimulated. When you do this day after day, eventually it begins to fatigue your central nervous system and the amount you can do daily takes a hit!

To prevent this from happening, give the central nervous system a break from training, which is accomplished with full-body workouts. Time in between sessions really helps for a better central nervous system recovery, so if you’re feeling tired a lot, switching to full-body workouts might be the better option for you.

Perfect for at-home workouts

If you're doing at-home strength training, full-body workouts are a great option. If you have limited options when it comes to equipment, full-body routines usually require less equipment and you can usually do them with just a set of dumbbells or simple weights. Yoga is of course an ideal at-home workout, as you really only need yourself!

Fat loss

Full-body workouts are ideal for fat loss - on a fat loss diet you are taking in fewer calories than the body would like, so you have fewer recovery reserves. But you still need to stimulate your muscles at least two times a week to prevent muscle loss - so cutting back on workouts isn’t an option. Full-body workouts and yoga sessions are great for fat loss because they get you working each muscle group 2 times a week but don’t take long to recover from.

More fun

Being able to do different exercises also helps you not get bored from your workout - allowing you to stay motivated and keep it up! Sometimes a hyper-focus on one region of the body can become repetitive. If you’re looking for a full-body yoga workout - This week's classes will strengthen, stretch, and tone your entire body. You'll work all of the major muscle groups and feel refreshed and strong after these sessions!

By Amy Cavil

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