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20 Minutes to Get Om


20 Minutes to Get Om

Episode 4: Anxiety & how to master it

Everyone experiences anxiety, and while it's a normal part of life, it can negatively affect your life in many ways. 

Join hosts Katy Saeger and Jamie Kent along with our guest, Ashley Turner, as we discuss how to face stressful, dangerous, or unfamiliar situations and everyday simple practices everyone can use to alleviate anxiety naturally.

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Self Mastery Sessions

Episode Overview: 

1:30 - Introduction
9:55 - Ashley Origin Story
24:28 - Burnout and Purpose
26:43 - How To  Get Clear On Who We Are
41:31 - How Being A Realist Isn’t Serving You
47:52 - Challenging Our Limited Beliefs
56:20 - Understanding Your Core Skill Sets
1:06:21 - Why Being at Rock Bottom Is Powerful

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