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Hanuman: Leap of Faith

Christen Bakken

Hanuman is a character that epic novels have been written about. There are countless stories of his devotion and his courage. In this practice we will look at his humility. Hanuman was cursed with the inability to remember his own greatness. Before each great act came doubt. In those moments, Hanuman did not run, but he also did not bound forward. He made space for pause, for surrender, for faith. In doubt lies the opportunity for humility, for breath, and then, for action.

In the first half of this practice we will courageously leap toward the top of the mat, toward handstands, toward what we believe is not yet possible. In the second half of the practice, we will settle into the doubt that arises in stillness. Expect long holds and lots of hammies and heart opening. When we choose to pause and respond, rather than to impulsively react to doubt, our leaps become leaps of faith. This practice will take your breath away and connect you to your still and mighty heart.

Christen recommends using the following playlist for this class: Spotify playlist for Hanuman: Leap of Faith class

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