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45 min class (46:08)
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Soft Heart: A Chaturanga-Free Practice

Christen Bakken

The Yoga Sutras state that our practice should be steady and sweet. In our culture and day-to-day lives, we have come to value strength. We want to complete our to-do lists, climb the corporate ladder, and complete marathons. We are looking for firm abs, jiggle-free arms, and a firm (but full) booty. In this practice, we will explore the balance of cultivating strength where it is needed and allowing sweetness and softness where possible. The chaturanga (and even downdog and plank) have been taken out of this practice. It is deceivingly challenging while sending an energetic reminder that softness in the heart can be one of our greatest virtues. "May my foundation be firm and my heart be soft" is a mantra for moving and living.

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