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30 min class (28:51)
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Rockin' Bhakti - Quick Fix

Christen Bakken

Feeling stuck, need some quick blood flow, or simply not have the time for a full practice? This well rounded practice is for you! The sequence is a combination of vigorous vinyasa flow, balance, hip and heart openers, and some sweet moments of silence and stillness. Savasana is not called in this sequence, but you can always add a short one in.

At some point in the study of yoga it may come to the practitioner's attention that there is no such thing as a quick fix. Most of what we desire and need to grow and heal requires time, patience, and persistence. With that said, this well-rounded, short practice does not honor this knowledge. Sometimes a few sun salutations can really flip just the switch I needed to find fresh eyes and a heart full of gratitude.

Christen recommends using the following playlist for this class: Spotify playlist for Rockin' Bhakti - Quick Fix class

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