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65 min class (1:04:21)
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Flow: Breath-Initiated Movement

Christen Bakken

Vinyasa yoga is often described as movement linked with breath. In our lives off the mat, action is often where our focus tends to drift, but we can become so action-oriented that there is no time for breath or pause. In this balanced sequence, we will practice letting the breath initiate the movement- rather than the movement initiating the breath. In the flow part of the sequence, we will use each part of the breath cycle to guide our movement. In our standing and balancing sequence, our actions may be subtle, but they will follow the guidance of the breath. Each inhale offers the opportunity to grow and each exhale offers the opportunity to surrender. Who knows when your breath might start to guide your actions off the mat? Perhaps even people in your life will begin to trust the breath in their own challenges and triumphs. Expect to sweat, be challenged, and find a sense of peace in this well-rounded practice.

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