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Rockin Bhakti: Take Flight with Hip Openers

Christen Bakken

Bhakti is the Sanskrit word for devotional love. In a Rockin Bhakti class, students work to infuse gratitude and awe into each movement and breath, while staying grounded enough to play and laugh

In this class, we will build upon the figure four stretch. Each visit to this hip opener is a new chance to tap into old tension and let go. By the end of the sequence students will feel ready to take flight, literally and figuratively, from their strong foundation and open are able heart.

Christen Bakken is known for creating an environment for challenge and change, while always approaching class with a light heart. She aims to remind students they already have all they need inside them.

For more on Christen and Rockin' Bhakti check out her Facebook page.

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