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Rockin Bhakti: Twists to Shift Your Perspective

Christen Bakken

The practice of western yoga asks us to stretch. Often we come to the mat to stretch our hammies or our shoulders. In Rockin' Bhakti Yoga, we challenge ourselves to stretch on a deeper level; to open our hearts, as well as our hips.

In this class, we will use twists to lengthen our side bodies, to decompress our spinal column, and to prepare us for a bit of heart opening. While Christen will guide students into tangled and twisted positions, it becomes the role of the student to find space, breath, and peace to remain committed. This commitment to staying in a position of seeming discomfort transfers as we leave the mat and face a world that does not always hand us the situations we once desired. It is our opportunity, to soften into these new situations and see if there is still space and peace available to us anyway.

Christen's Rockin' Bhakti style, is vigorous, yet light-hearted. It challenges the students while inviting them to surrender and let go. Enjoy this class for the physical challenge it will present in the sequencing and the longer lasting effects of a lighter and more lifted spirit.

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