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Class 13 - Upper Body (30:17)
$ 5.99
Class 14 - Arm Balancing (33:11)
$ 5.99
Class 15 - Balancing and Twisting (43:42)
$ 7.99
Class 16 - All Levels Vinyasa (1:00:05)
$ 9.99
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Yoga with Les Leventhal - Bundle 4

Les Leventhal

See below for descriptions and thumbnails of the four classes in this bundle.

Les Leventhal class 13
Class 13 - Upper Body
This class will help strengthen and lengthen the upper body while relieving neck and shoulder stress. Building trust in your path towards arm balancing and inverting. 30min.

Les Leventhal class 14
Class 14 - Arm Balancing
Learn to defy gravity with grace – practice this class 108 times and cultivate strength, patience, compassion and humility. It will free your everything. 30min

Les Leventhal class 15
Class 15 - Side Stretching | Side Bending
Allow your imbalance to guide you towards balance. This vinyasa class is a great detox flow and good for digestion. 45min

Les Leventhal class 16
Class 16 - All Levels Vinyasa
A full hour of flow. Let go flow with Les. 60min.

"Yoga with Les is always an invitation into the unexpected and the unimaginable spaces in my practice; more like a dish of salted caramel ice cream topped with fresh unsweetened whipped cream." ~ Megan Windele

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