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Guidelines for a Balanced Life: Walking Meditation

Les Leventhal

Walking meditation can cultivate a profound awakening in your life and at the same time a more focused and calming approach in day to day living. You can do this video alone or with any size group. It's about waking up and noticing what we do and do not pay attention to. It is NOT about judging ourselves for what is revealed in the process. Instead, it is meant to invoke the understanding that what is important to pay attention to today could shift tomorrow, with or without a moment's notice. Walking meditation will help you feel more grounded and connected to the earth. You will have a more focused awareness of what you are stepping on and you will find yourself taking it even further once the meditation is finished. You will want to enhance the quality of the life you are living in a way that is more useful of the resources provided by this earth. You will find that walking meditation will very quietly invite you into a conservation and preservation program so that people who live on this earth centuries after us can also enjoy its beauty as we do today. This practice will also show, over and over again, where we get tripped up and the patterns of thinking that take us away from being present. It will also provide new pathways to walk and live in the present so that we don't get as tripped up as much as we used to, regardless of whatever challenges life has in store for us. Good orderly direction.

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