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Positive Antidote Remedies (5:26)
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Hopefulness Meditation (5:06)
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Imperfection Meditation (5:39)
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Accessing the Resources... (14:28)
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Fertile Ground Meditation (7:31)
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Big Sky Mind Meditation (7:18)
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Satisfaction Meditation (4:53)
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River of Time Meditation (5:25)
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Wise Mentor Meditation (3:52)
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Transition to the Other Side (4:00)
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Vitality Meditation (6:30)
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Mindful Meditations for Creative Transformation

Ron Alexander, PhD

Access your inner resources to manifest greater vitality & creativity

Mindful Meditations for Creative Transformation helps listeners to access their core creativity, empowering them to pursue their passions even when faced with challenges and letting go of any resistance that they might have to making a change. Based on Dr. Ronald Alexander’s widely acclaimed book Wise Mind, Open Mind these meditations help you to listen and pay attention to what you might otherwise overlook—whether it’s a fresh idea or a new way of perceiving a situation. Learning to tap into your core creativity helps you remain enthusiastic and resilient regardless of circumstances, because you’ve learned that you can always rely on this powerful force to lead you out of the woods of the unknown and into the clearing.

Through Dr. Alexander's unique teaching techniques he can help you navigate through a sea of self-limiting thoughts and transform unwholesome beliefs. The Buddha said that to find satisfaction, creativity, and vitality you must direct your attention to achieve a deeper and more meaning life, one dedicated to an extraordinary cause or endeavor and a life simply lived with a deep sense of Zen awareness and openness to both the known and the unknown.

- Positive Antidote Remedies for Overcoming Negative Self Judgments
- Hopefulness Meditation
- Imperfection Meditation
- Accessing the Resources of Creative Unconscious
- Fertile Ground Meditation
- Big Sky Mind Meditation
- Satisfaction Meditation
- River Of Time Meditation
- Wise Mentor Meditation
- Transition To The Other Side Meditation
- Vitality Meditation

**The Hopefulness Meditation from this album is part of our 7-Day Heart Opening Program!

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