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7-Day Heart Opening Program

Life has its way of wearing down the open, receptive, youthful spirit we are all born with. This 7-Day Heart Opening Program includes daily yoga classes and meditations that will release tightness and tension in your chest, making you feel lighter, happier, and more open to receiving the love that surrounds you.

When we feel down or generally closed off to the world, our shoulders tend to droop and round forward, closing off the entire front line of our bodies. Heart opening poses work to spread the collar bones, expand the chest muscles, and open the front of the shoulders to allow lightness and joy to flow into the heart space.

Use this 7 days of intensive yoga and meditation practice to reconnect with yourself, let go of stored baggage that may be holding you back, restore your inner grace, lift your mood and spirit, and give yourself some extra love. You deserve it!

*This program is appropriate for adv. beginner through advanced students

What's Included:
  • Download versions of 7 heart opening video classes ranging from 45-80 min each.
  • Download versions of 7 meditation classes designed to help you relax and deeply reconnect with what's important.
  • PDF guide with class descriptions and instructions on which classes and meditations to do each of the 7 days.

  • What you will get from this program:
  • Reinvigorate your mood and spirit
  • A deep release from the tightness and tension in your chest and shoulders
  • Better posture and alignment
  • A flood of space, lightness, and joy into the heart!