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Kyle Weiger  Flower

Kyle is a student of yoga and gymnastics, with a passion for showing people that they are far stronger than they think. Not just a little stronger, but like a "Holy crap, I can't believe I just did that!" kind of stronger. Getting people to experience transformation through the use of their physical body is something that Kyle strives for every time he teaches. The shift happens when students move from the world of "I can't" into the possibility of "I'm learning how to".

Kyle's philosophy around yoga is simple: The poses don't matter so much, but your reaction to them means everything. For Kyle, yoga isn't about getting your foot behind your head or balancing on one arm. It's about being willing to try something new, being vulnerable and open, and being ok with doing just for the sake of doing, with no attachment to outcome. There is no finish line, the is only progress.