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Four Points of Mindful Attention (5:33)
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Concentration Meditation (3:04)
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Mindful Witnessing and Mudra Meditation (9:38)
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Comfort Meditation (5:46)
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Discarding Unwholesome Beliefs (4:17)
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Recovering From a Broken Heart (10:13)
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Recapture Wholesome Emotions (4:01)
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Sweeping Body Meditation (9:01)
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Lone Explorer Meditation (6:14)
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Open Mind Meditation (5:43)
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The Ideal House of Self Meditation (5:29)
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Wise Mind, Open Heart

Ron Alexander, PhD

A Meditation Series on Mindfulness and Core Healing

Wise Mind, Open Heart is a series of mindfulness meditations from pioneering psychotherapist, Ronald Alexander, PhD to help listeners make a dramatic difference in their ability to remain calm, focused, and nonreactive when dealing with stress, anxiety and changes in their lives. Produced as a companion to Ronald Alexander’s widely acclaimed book Wise Mind, Open Mind together they provide practical and innovative tools to help one through today’s stressful times.

Through his unique teaching technique of combining the ancient wisdom of mindfulness with positive psychology and creative thinking Alexander has helped hundreds of his clients let go of their false beliefs about who they are, and instead see their lives as a canvas that reflects their personal passions and values. Now you too can learn to open your mind and heart to develop greater awareness and transform any challenge into a life changing opportunity.

- Four Points of Mindful Attention
- Concentration Meditation
- Mindful Witnessing and Mudra Meditation
- Comfort Meditation
- Discarding Unwholesome Beliefs
- Recovering From A Broken Heart
- Recapture Wholesome Emotions
- Sweeping Body Meditation
- Lone Explorer Meditation
- Open Mind Meditation
- The Ideal House of Self Meditation

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