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Class 9 - Prana-Shakti Flow (32:34)
$ 5.99
Class 10 - Yoga for Abs (33:52)
$ 5.99
Class 11 - Side Stretching | Side Bending (43:55)
$ 7.99
Class 12 - All Levels Vinyasa (1:05:13)
$ 9.99
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Yoga with Les Leventhal - Bundle 3

Les Leventhal

See below for descriptions and thumbnails of the four classes in this bundle.

Les Leventhal class9
Class 9 - Prana-Shakti Flow (Intermediate Rigorous Flow)
Be sure to take it at your own pace so you can enjoy the rasa and try this class more than once. 30min.

Les Leventhal class 10
Class 10 - Yoga for Abs
30 minutes of focusing on your Buddha belly and this sacred place of home and center from which all the limbs reach and respond. Mixed in are some reclining twists and bridges. 30min.

Les Leventhal class 11
Class 11 - Side Stretching | Side Bending
The side body's where many muscles tend to tighten, knot and restrict. This class unwinds and decongests so Prana can flow freely. 45min.

Les Leventhal class 12
Class 12 - All Levels Vinyasa
A full hour of flow. Let go flow with Les. 60min.

"Les provides me with the instruction and space to go inside myself and find the joy, the grief, the triumphs, and the struggles; letting that all go and returning to the world with an open heart to be of better service to myself and others. " ~ Joe Thompson

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