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60 min class (1:00:00)
$ 7.99
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Rockin Bhakti: Complete Practice

Christen Bakken

Bhakti is the Sanskrit word for devotional love. Rockin Bhakti classes combine a thoughtful vinyasa sequence with a sense of gratitude and awe for each breath and each movement, not to mention a couple of reasons to let go and enjoy life a little.

In this class, students will practice a well rounded sequence of postures that include hamstring and hip openers, twists, as well as shoulder and heart openers. The practice uses the front and the back of the mat helping students to discover a sense of surrender to the unpredictable.

Christen Bakken teaching style is uplifting and light, while still incorporating an element of challenge. Students will be given the opportunity to stretch and strengthen their hamstrings as well as their heart.

For more on Christen and Rockin' Bhakti check out her Facebook page.

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