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Shrimp-Stuffed Avocados 2.0

Posted on 3/1/2017 by Rebecca Katz in Healthy Eating Clean Eating Avocado Healthy is Happy Good Fats Easy Recipes

As a kid, I remember the Ladies Who Lunch coming over to the house regularly to play canasta or mah-jongg. On these occasions, my mom showed me how you could use a fruit as a bowl for salad: she’d serve the pearled grand dames tomatoes stuffed with chicken salad, and that was the inspiration for this dish. I’ve gone for a different mode of transport—an avocado boat—and jazzed up the salad as well. No mayo here, but lime juice, cumin, coriander, jalapeño (za-zing!), olive oil, and avocado provide the diving pond for the shrimp. I think the Ladies Who Lunch would’ve approved.

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5 Tips for Healthy Digestion

Posted on 2/27/2017 by YogaDownload .com in Yoga of Eating Creating a Habit Healthy Eating Clean Eating

With so much information out there about nutrition it’s nearly impossible to sift out the genuine truth. Find something you think you can trust that even has citations and studies to boot, and guaranteed there’s some website out there that fundamentally disagrees with what you just read and somehow, magically, has the same amount of evidence backing it up. Either that or the advice it gives you is to sacrifice all of your beloved foods and basically rearrange your entire life around digestion.

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Let's Get Intimate: Going All the Way With Food

Posted on 10/3/2016 by Maddie Berky in Healthy Eating mindful eating Maddie Berky Intimate with Food

Life is one beautiful mess of relationships. We can classify them. We can put them in quotes. We can add that extra long, extra inquisitive inflection at the end, but are we in a relationship? Some are transitory. Some are so interwoven into our fabric we can forget that we are separate from them. We can forget that they each deserve reflection and intention. We can forget that they are, no matter what, intimate.

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Eating Clean

Posted on 4/14/2016 by Hayley Hobson in yoga Healthy Eating Hayley Hobson Eating Clean Diet

Hey Guys, So I have seen so many of my friends over the years trying to get healthy, detoxify and lose weight…which is cool. But then they tell me what they’re eating and I freak out!

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Sweet n Spicy Pulled Chicken

Posted on 1/4/2016 by Conscious Cleanse in Healthy Eating Chicken dish Organic poultry Buy Locally 100% Organic Comfort Food

If you’ve done the live Conscious Cleanse program with us then undoubtedly you recall Jo’s infamous “chicken breast story.” You may have also picked up that I’m someone who is powered by a plant-based diet, eating the occasional piece of fish here and there when I crave it.

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Roasted Curried Cauliflower

Posted on 12/9/2014 by Conscious Cleanse in The Conscious Cleanse Healthy Eating

Turmeric – the main ingredient in curry, a relative to ginger root, and a spice that I’ve recently been completely obsessed with, is a superfood and one of nature’s most important spices. Long used for adding color and flavor to just about anything including veggies, salmon, soups, smoothies and salad dressings, turmeric is as popular in the kitchen as it is in the medicine cabinet.

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Nearly Raw Coco Nutty Pumpkin Pie

Posted on 11/24/2014 by Conscious Cleanse in Thanksgiving Recipes Healthy Eating The Conscious Cleanse

No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without pumpkin pie, so this year I decided to do a healthy twist on this classic favorite.

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Creamy Black Bean Soup

Posted on 11/17/2014 by Conscious Cleanse in The Conscious Cleanse Healthy Eating

Are you ready for a festive and flavorful version of my favorite soup that is 100% healthy and dairy-free?

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DARE to Say NO to Sugar

Posted on 10/28/2014 by Conscious Cleanse in The Conscious Cleanse Healthy Eating detox

Candy is everywhere we turn these days. Bowls of black and orange M&Ms conveniently placed for us to grab and pop in our mouth without even thinking twice. Jars of candy corn and bite-sized chocolates call our names despite our best will power efforts.

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5 Steps to a Salad Bar in Your Fridge

Posted on 8/12/2014 by Conscious Cleanse in The Conscious Cleanse Healthy Eating salad bar

In my house, it’s my job to organize the refrigerator. This isn’t because I’m a master organizer by any means, but more because the kitchen is my domain. It’s my happy place. I spend a lot of time there and I love playing and experimenting with food and new recipes. And on top of all that, it’s my job to make sure my family eats well.

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Yogi Soup

Posted on 6/3/2014 by Jessica Wyman in healthy recipes Jessica Wyman Wellness Healthy Eating

It’s been a long week. You’re craving a glass of wine, but you want to treat your body like a temple and at the same time you want to feel comforted. Instead opt for a soul nourishing soup that’s good for your body too!

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Mason Jar Meals

Posted on 5/20/2014 by Jessica Wyman in Healthy Eating Mason Jar Recipes

I love food. I like to be on the go. Sometimes that’s a bad combination for my health goals…unless I prepare.

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Sesame Ginger Grilled Bok Choy

Posted on 5/12/2014 by Conscious Cleanse in healthy recipes The Conscious Cleanse Healthy Eating summer recipes

Summer is just around the corner and that means it’s time to fire up the grill! As the resident vegetarian in my household, I’m always looking for veggie options to throw on the grill. I love me some grillin’ season because it’s fast, easy and the best part–there is little to no clean up! Can I get an Amen!

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7 Tips to Get You Cooking Like a Pro

Posted on 4/29/2014 by Conscious Cleanse in The Conscious Cleanse Healthy Eating

We hear it all the time. “I don’t have time to spend all day in the kitchen making my own food.” I get it. Not all that long ago, 4 years to be exact, “cooking” in my world used to mean swinging by the Whole Foods’ salad bar. Frankly, I didn’t think I had the time to cook for myself, nor did I really want to put forth what seemed in my head to be so much effort.

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