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Yoga with Style

Yoga with Style

Are you ready to mix it up on your mat? Yoga fusion classes run the gambit of combining yoga with weights, barre, Pilates, HIIT, cardio––the variety is part of the fun! These special classes emphasize getting stronger, but also staying flexible. Whether you are short on time but want to fit in your fitness and your yoga or whether you get bored easily, we’ve got some awesome classes for you.

These practices are efficient, effective, and balanced. Here are a few ways you’ll benefit:

1. Yoga Fusion Classes Improve Your Health

Bad news: once you hit your thirties, you start losing muscle and bone annually. The good news: working on strength just a few times a week will allow you to maintain or even increase your strength. Blending different wellness modalities like weight lifting, cardio, or HIIT with yoga will benefit every aspect of your health. Your cardiovascular system will get stronger and more efficient with classes that get your heart rate up. Weight-bearing exercise and resistance workouts strengthen not just your muscles but also strengthen your bones. The yoga portion of class ensures you’re staying supple, too.

 2. Yoga Fusion Classes Save You Time

These days, we’re all busy, right? But self-care is a priority and with Yoga Fusion classes, you don’t have to give up your yoga or your fitness. You can have it all! 

Instead of going for a run and to the gym and to yoga, you can take a fusion class and garner all the physical benefits you want without sacrificing the mental and emotional ones. Yoga Fusion classes will allow you to maintain or even improve your game, without diminishing quality.

3. Yoga Fusion Classes Keep You Engaged

Maybe you tend to repeat your favorite yoga classes and fitness workouts and you’re seeking some variety. Hybrid workouts are an excellent way to mix up your usual routine and ensure you aren’t in a rut. When you try new classes, you’re stimulating your mind as well as your body. Get ready to sweat, to get stronger and more flexible, and to feel fantastic. Enjoy!   

Pilates/Yoga Fusion Energy Burst - Claire Petretti Marti

The Trifecta - Erin Wimert

Rockin Bhakti VinYin - Christen Bakken

Spin & Yoga: QiFlow Cycle - Dawnelle Arthur

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