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DIY Yoga Festival

DIY Yoga Festival

Here is your schedule:

 7:30 am: Morning Hike & Meditation

Yes it's early, but this is when the magic happens. You and the sun will reveal your strength at the same time. No need to go all the way to a National Park for a mindful hiking experience, it's all in the intention. Go to a local trail or park, or just a walk through a beautiful neighborhood. Notice what's around you, what you hear, the way the ground feels under your feet. And when you get to your favorite place on the route, Arrive in the Present Moment with this guided meditation from Jackie Casal-Mahrou

10 am: Homemade Smoothie Bar
There are few things that make you feel better in your body than taking a vibrant basket of fresh fruits and vegetables and eviscerating them into a sweet, nutritious smoothie. We’ve collected a few favorite recipes at YogaDownload, but when you combine flavors you love, it's hard to go wrong. So make it an experience: have everyone bring their favorite ingredients and let the creativity flow. 

 11 am: Yoga with Ashley Turner
Roll out your mats somewhere you don't often practice – out in the yard, on the roof of your building, maybe somewhere touristy. When the place feels special, your practice feels special – that's the festival experience (and thankfully YogaDownload classes can go anywhere, even places with no cell or WiFi service). You and your friends are in for a treat: a Twisting Detox Arm Balance Flow with one of the nation's top yoga teachers, Ashley Turner. You’ve seen her at the festivals and in the media, now she's coming to teach you to fearlessly play with balance. 
12:30 pm: Spraytime Playtime
It wouldn't be a yoga festival without water. Get to the nearest pool, pond or garden hose for some splashing, leaping and uninhibited silliness. Grab a healthy lunch while you're at it.

2:30 pm: Yoga with Shiva Rea
Yes really. The queen of Shakti herself is teaching at YOUR festival. This is a true privilege, exclusive to YogaDownload and the DIY Yoga Festival. Reach open from your heart and get ready to get blissed out on a Solar/Lunar Flow
4:00 pm: Wind Down
You're doing something awesome for your mind, body and spirit today – enjoy it! This is your creative free time. Bust out the hula hoop, or freewrite in a journal. Pump up the Chill Rhythms and experiment with AcroYoga – since it's just you and your friends, this is a judgment-free zone!

6:00 pm: Wine Tasting
This IS a celebration after all! Pick up some organic wines or wines produced near you and treat yourself to a tasting. Does the wine taste better after a day of yoga and mindful fun? 
7:30 pm: Healthy Dinnertime

Cooking together is fun. Pick up some fresh produce for a recipe that sounds interesting! If you need some inspiration, try a Millet Buddha Bowl - they're healthy, easy, and totally customizable! 

9:00 pm: Dance Party
Every good summer festival ends with dancing outdoors. Your turn to celebrate this awesome life by frolicking around to sweet beats. Dance like no one is watching because this dance is just for you.

Happy DIY festivaling! Take lots of pictures (and tag @YogaDownload in them)!

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