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🥳 15 FREE Top-Rated Classes to Celebrate Our 15th Birthday!

🥳 15 FREE Top-Rated Classes to Celebrate Our 15th Birthday!

This week, we are thrilled to celebrate the 15th year of YogaDownload!

This site and community would not be continuing to grow if it wasn't for all of you showing up regularly on your mats from across the globe for the past 15 years! Thank for you logging in to take care of yourselves, while also supporting this global community and resource for online yoga.  

As part of our celebration we would like to share our 15 top-rated classes of all time which you can access absolutely free for the next week! We've produced over 1,800+ classes since our inception 15 years ago, and your honest ratings and reviews over the years have helped us to build a library of classes to serve your body and mind's every need.

The criteria for this top-rated list: All classes have a 4.95 rating or higher and and are ranked in order of those with the most reviews. 

While there are many hundreds of highly-rated yoga classes on the site, these are the upper echelon of rating scores within YogaDownload's ever-growing library of yoga classes.

Two of the classes on the list have perfect review ratings! Jackie Casal Mahrou, who still creates new classes regularly for you, has many classes on this list. Go Jackie!

**To access, click on a free class and then the play now button, then create your free account on the site (or sign in to your current account)

Top 15 Rated and Reviewed YogaDownload Classes of All Time:

1. Get Up & Flow with Jackie Casal Mahrou

Rating: 4.97 rating based on 185 reviews | Released: 2014

2. Morning Movement with Kylie Larson

Rating: 4.95 rating based on 146 reviews | Released: 2015

3. Daily Decompression with Jackie Casal Mahrou

Rating: 4.95 rating based on 144 reviews | Released: 2016

4. Beginner Yoga Quickie with Jackie Casal Mahrou

Rating: 4.96 rating based on 141 reviews | Released: 2015

5. Freedom Flow with Jackie Casal Mahrou

Rating: 4.98 rating based on 131 reviews | Released: 2015

6. Copasetic Flow with Ali Duncan

Rating: 4.98 rating based on 110 reviews | Released: 2020

7. Heavenly Hip Openers with Jackie Casal Mahrou

Rating: 4.99 rating based on 100 reviews | Released: 2014

8. Good Strong Flow with Jackie Casal Mahrou

Rating: 4.99 rating based on 100 reviews | Released: 2019

YogaDownload Online Yoga Class

9. Quick Energy Flow with Claire Petretti Marti

Rating: 4.96 rating based on 94 reviews | Released: 2015


10. Flow for a Grateful Heart with Christen Bakken

Rating: 4.99 rating based on 93 reviews | Released: 2014

11. Sunrise Flow 1: Wake Up with Jackie Casal Mahrou

Rating: 4.97 rating based on 92 reviews | Released: 2020

12. Yoga Body Buzz with Jackie Casal Mahrou

Rating: 4.98 rating based on 84 reviews | Released: 2015

13. Love to Flow with Jackie Casal Mahrou

 Rating: 4.97 rating based on 84 reviews | Released: 2014

14. Get into the Flow with Keith Allen

Rating: 4.95 rating based on 82 reviews | Released: 2020

YogaDownload Online Yoga Class

15. Fitness 'n' Yoga: Quick Full Body Flow with Ben Davis

Rating: 4.95 rating based on 80 reviews | Released: 2017

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