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Happy 15th Birthday YogaDownload!

Happy 15th Birthday YogaDownload!

Who wants to celebrate our birthday with us? 

We here at YogaDownload are celebrating 15 years of sharing yoga online! Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning, when the yoga classes were audio or you practiced your first class this morning, we are thrilled you are here. Without you wonderful subscribers from around the globe, we couldn’t have expanded from audio classes, to streaming videos, to yoga programs ranging from meditation to power yoga, to offering one-of-a-kind yoga retreats around the world

We credit our consistent growth and success to one simple element––YOU. When you offer feedback to us with our new programs, we listen. We strive to attract the very best teachers from around the world and deliver them to you. The variety of offerings is vast, with thousands of classes of all lengths, styles, and levels. There’s a special bond created between teacher and student, even via the screen and our teachers consistently share how happy they are to connect with all of you. 

From joining in our special challenges where you receive daily classes in your inbox and a special community of fellow yogis practicing along with you to joining us in person for one of our world-class yoga retreats, you’ve co-created this community with us. We consider you our family and we hope you consider YogaDownload your yoga home. 

Our hashtag, #Goyouromway exemplifies that we’re all unique, but we are all on the yogic path. Although each of us is practicing from a different location from Africa to Australia and everywhere in between, we’ve created a true lasting connection. We are all in this together! 

Our founder, Jamie Kent, created YogaDownload to bring affordable yoga to anyone, anywhere in the world. Her vision was yoga accessible to everyone who wanted it, no matter your location, budget, or experience. Online yoga with us saves you time, enables you to go at your own pace with expert instruction, and choose from a wide variety of classes with new ones being added each week! 

To commemorate this birthday, anniversary, and milestone, this week’s featured classes are four of the most popular and top-reviewed classes to ever grace our site. Enjoy these throwback classes, from some of your favorite teachers who still regularly produce new classes for you!

Thank you for being here! 

Jackie Casal Mahrou - Get Up & Flow

Kylie Larson - Morning Movement

Elise Fabricant - Neck, Shoulders, & Back Therapy

Celest Pereira - Quicky Stretch & De-Stress

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