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5 Simple Tips for a Healthy & Happy Life

5 Simple Tips for a Healthy & Happy Life

Some people feel as if there is nothing that can be done when faced with certain difficulties. However, there are those of us that always search for solutions when the going gets tough, and, eventually emerge as winners to whatever obstacles life puts on their path. 

Modern life pushes us to fulfill different challenges. Things like creating a successful career, having a happy marriage, maintaining solid friendships, good health, and a positive outlook are things most of us would like to achieve and experience. 

Oftentimes however, we give priority to certain parts of life at the expense of others. The goal then, is finding balance and live in an energy of joy, regardless of the circumstances. 

The ones who are brave and persistent enough, can cope with the sometimes rapid rhythm of life, and compose a happy melody through which they dance throughout their lives. On the other hand, there are people who struggle more, and sometimes need more effort and guidance to change their state of mind and finding their own optimal rhythm.

When we talk about a happy life, it's not just about the external circumstances. There is also a spiritual aspect that cannot be easily seen or completely explained by logic alone.

This kind of inner happiness transcends momentary successes, but a spirit of joy that lasts throughout a whole lifetime.

By changing everyday habits and practicing simple methods, your body can also be physically healed, which will contribute to creating an inner sense of happiness. Sometimes to create more happiness, all you need is little changes to your daily life. Sometimes the changes needed are bigger, but wherever you are on your journey, the path to changing your life for the better, begins with the first step.

Here are 5 simple and easy to implement tips to have a magnificent, happy and healthy life:

1. Eat Food from Nature

Healthy, balanced and optimal nutrition is essential for everyone, especially for children who develop eating habits from an early age. Food is the only source of energy for the human body, which is also needed for all life functions and in the growth and development of all life stages.
Therefore, the link between food, health, and happiness is inevitable. An Australian study involving more than 12,000 examinees showed that happiness and environmental satisfaction are increased by eating more fruit and vegetables.

The same result was apparent in a study involving Iranian students. According to the results, the happiest participants shared the same eating habits. On the whole, they ate breakfast every day and more than 8 snacks that included fruits or vegetables.

We all know that eating healthy has physical benefits, but it also reflects on the mental health, making us both healthier and happier.

2. Have a Pleasant and Proper Sleep

Sleep plays an important role in creating a healthy and happy life. That is why a certain part of the way you feel when you are awake depends on the quality of your sleeping routine. 

Sleeping affects your brain and helps it generate and remember new information the next day. 

Researchers have shown that sleeping impacts learning as well. Namely, a person who does not sleep sufficiently cannot focus his attention and therefore cannot learn effectively. In addition, the dream itself has a major impact on memory recovery, which is an essential part of learning. About the importance of sleeping and the benefit of the overall physical health also speaks the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. According to them, sleep regulates hormone balance in the body that prevents physical illness like obesity and reduces the risk of heart disease, renal disease, high blood pressure or stroke. 

3. Meditate to Weed out Negative Thoughts and Create Positive Ones

Meditation can contribute to daily joy and happiness if it is applied regularly. Meditation and different breathing techniques are powerful means for removing stress and controlling your brain. Bad thoughts that can take up space unconsciously, can be spotted and cleared, using meditation.

Through meditation, you also improve your ability to concentrate. Through meditation a complete sense of deep peace is possible. 
In the era of technology, research has shown that many mobile apps are a source of unhappiness among young people. Fortunately, there are apps like YogaDownload, designed for peace and tranquility of the mind, and make a yoga and meditation practice easier, deepening a sense of happiness in the process. 

4. Exercise

Physical activity is a fundamental function of every human body. It is important and crucial when it comes to physical health. The benefits of physical activity include reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some forms of cancer, and the reduction of mental illnesses, including the reduction of the effects of Alzheimer's and anxiety disorders.

Many studies suggest that the period spent in a sitting or lying position should be minimized in order to protect our health. The time spent exercising contributes to increasing the levels of dopamine that are needed to make us feel happier and less stressed.

5. Connect and Communicate

It can be verbal, non-verbal, individual, mass, or interpersonal, but there needs to be some sense felt connection for sustainable happiness.

Aside from fun and productivity, human connection improves mental and physical health as well. Good communication is a fundamental part of healthy relationships. Becoming a better communicators, improves the quality of your relationships and makes your life even more fulfilling. 

Good communication and connection with others is also important for finding solutions in specific situations, building trust and feeling harmony, that contribute to experiencing a happy life.

By Marquis Matson

Marquis Matson is a blogger, entrepreneur, and writer at Jinglow. Jinglow empowers you to customize your mindfulness experience, change your thinking, reduce anxiety, relax, and motivate you to be the best you can be.

Move your body and practice yoga for more happiness, right now!

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