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8 Ways Being Healthy Saves Money

8 Ways Being Healthy Saves Money

It isn’t hard to see that a healthy diet and exercise can help a person look and feel better, but did you know that being healthy is also a great way to save money? If you have been thinking about hitting the gym, practicing yoga, walking more often or making a lifestyle change so you can feel better, no time is better to do so than right now. Think about all the ways that a healthy life can improve your financial status by saving money.

Here are 8 ways that being healthy saves money.

1. Family Outings

Being healthy saves money when it comes to family outings. There is nothing wrong at all with taking your family out to see a movie or to sit and watch a ball game. When you’re working on leading a healthier life however, you may want to ditch the expensive movie tickets and opt for a walk in the park, a hike to a waterfall or taking a swim in a nearby lake. The average cost of a movie ticket for one person is nearly $10 and that adds up when you take your whole family. Once you figure in the cost of popcorn and drinks along with the tickets, a family movie night can cost upwards of $100. Heading to the great outdoors is FREE to do and guaranteed to be fun. 

2. Medical Expenses

Exercising for 30 minutes every day can boost your heart health, improve circulation, increase muscle density, boost your energy and just make you feel 100% happier with life. According to Taylor Benefits Insurance Company, regular exercise can decrease the overall risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and other illness. Even when you have great health insurance, the cost of medical care can be high when you need to see a doctor for a serious health problem. When you work to live a healthier life, you are working to prevent those diseases and other illnesses that can cost so much when you must visit a doctor. Your best bet to combat medical expenses is to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

3. Unhealthy Expenses

Kicking a cigarette habit or deciding to steer clear of the bars at night is a great way to improve your health but it is also a way to save money. You can save nearly $4000 annually just from not buying a pack of cigarettes every day. You can also save on medical expenses when you no longer smoke or choose other bad habits. Quitting smoking is not an easy thing to do and if you can’t quit ‘cold turkey’ then at least work on cutting down a little at a time until you no longer smoke. 

4. Healthier Transportation Methods are Cheaper

Healthier transportation choices save money. Do you frequently take a taxi or ride a bus to get to or from work? Do you have to pay for parking meters or to park in a garage when you’re shopping? If so, you can cut down on these expenses or can even cut them out entirely by choosing to walk, ride a bicycle or even roller skate/blade to the places you need to go. The best thing about saving money on transportation is your body getting healthy and in shape. You are also cutting down on car maintenance fees that can be very costly. 

5. Fast Food & Excess Food Expenses

If you are on the path to better choices with eating and getting in good shape, you’re not going to want to swing by the fast food places to grab a greasy burger or fries. Well, perhaps you’ll still have those cravings, but it is best to avoid caving to them and breaking your healthy eating streak. Fast food is expensive and those drive thru stops to grab something while traveling or when you feel bored can really add up quickly! This does not mean you can never indulge, but when you do be sure to stick with healthier menu items.

6. Losing Money on Your Paycheck

Getting sick and missing work can drain a paycheck. Healthier people get sick far less often than those who lead unhealthy lifestyles. Eating a healthy diet and getting at least 30 minutes of exercise daily can help prevent heart disease, cancers and other disease that can cause you to miss work. 

7. Save Money on Lunch

Packing your lunch for school or work is a great way to make healthier eating choices and it can also save you a lot of money. Running out to buy lunch or ordering food delivery can be expensive when you do it daily. You also may not have many healthy choices for meals when you must dash into a fast food place or even a convenience store for a quick bite to eat. Planning your meals at home and packing them each day allows you to choose wisely so you can have a great variety of fruits and vegetables and healthy proteins to eat for lunch. Not only will lunch taste better, but it will save money.

8. Stop Buying Drinks

Consuming sugary drinks such as soda, tea or Kool-Aid can add many pounds to your body and the sugar content is not healthy at all. When you are working on a healthier life, switching to water is advised. Drinking six to eight glasses of water each day is a great way to improve your skin, have more energy and lose weight. You can fill up a water bottle from your sink to take with you to work or school, and you will avoid having to buy water bottles, or sodas. 

Leading a healthy life is a great way to maintain a youthful appearance, have healthier skin and hair, increase muscle tone and lose unwanted fat. Being healthy also helps us sleep better at night, have more energy when we’re awake and as you now know, it can also help our financial well-being as well. 

By Jennifer Bennet

Jennifer Bennet has been practicing yoga for 6 years. Her favorite is hot yoga and she enjoys doing yoga at home with her boyfriend as well. She is currently writing for Taylor Benefits Insurance.

Being healthy saves money and also makes you feel amazing. Start right now with this yoga program for detox to get you on track!

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