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Yoga for Detox, Cleansing, & Vitality

The human body accumulates things it needs to release. Similar to clutter building up in a house, our bodies need a good deep cleaning and detoxification once in awhile. Why is this?

We absorb preservatives, pesticides, stimulants, and heavy metals, which we call toxins, through what we eat, our environment, and day to day life. We also produce natural metabolic waste toxins, through processes like digestion and respiration.

Fortunately, our bodies have been designed to help us release the mentioned toxins. Our digestive, endocrine, and nervous systems are our allies in continually cleaning out excess toxins and waste in our body. Unfortunately, poor habits can noticeably slow down these natural cleansing processes. A poor diet, too much sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and a variety of other indulgences, can weaken our natural ability to reduce the toxins inside of us.

Investing time and energy into cleansing, reseting, and boosting your body's natural function helps however. A simple, multi-day plan of detoxifying yoga and healthy eating, can drastically give you a boost and a deep internal cleansing. Benefits of a cleansing detox include higher energy levels, better skin, better mood, and digestion, to name a few.

This 7-class program is designed with classes to support your body's natural cleansing abilities. All you have to do is practice! We also recommend accessing the resource of healthy recipes on our blog and challenging yourself to eat natural foods, free of processed sugar and chemicals, during this program. Yoga and healthy nutrition, even if just for one week, have the potential to have you feeling buoyant, light, and clear for considerable time afterwards. Enjoy your detox experience and taking care of yourself!

  • Anyone who wants to feel more radiant and energized
  • Those who feel they need to detox their body and mind

  • How to cleanse your body effectively and naturally
  • A variety of specially designed yoga classes to support detoxifying your body
  • Become more full of energy and vitality in your everyday life


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Yoga for Detox, Cleansing, & Vitality
$ 36.00
$ 36.00
Program Items
Daily Detox Twists are great for the liver and the internal organs, and being mindful on the mat is a solid way to hit that internal reset button.
Guidelines for a Balanced Life: Detox Flow This practice is meant to unlock, unwind and open up areas in the body where we get stuck, in order to revitalize.
Twist it out Detox Flow This class incorporates specific poses designed to get your blood flowing and detoxify your body.
Qi Detox Flow This class includes a ton of detoxifying twists that work to wring, squeeze, and massage the inner organs, releasing them of the toxicity that wears you down.
Conscious Cleanse Detox Flow This class leads you through a detoxifying practice that will help to improve digestion and boost metabolism.
Digestive Reset for a Happy Belly This class is specifically designed to strengthen, tone and target the digestive organs, you will be able to reset your digestion one day at a time.
Kapalabhati Kapalbhati is a breathing technique using rapid inhalation and exhalation to cleanse the cranial sinuses.