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Kylie Larson  Flower

Kylie Larson, RYT began practicing yoga in 2002 in an effort to give back to her body for all the work it had done for her in previous athletic endeavors. Somewhere along the line she began to see the benefits of practicing yoga far surpassed the physical and helped to deal with the day to day stress that life throws at you. It soon became a passion of hers. Kylie completed the Green Mountain School of Yoga's 200+ hour training and she is now a registered yoga teacher. Her teaching style is upbeat and energetic, sprinkled with bits of yoga philosophy. She likes her students to have fun during class and get a workout, but also wants them to realize it's not just about the asana.

In the fall of 2008 she began to teach spin/yoga, combining the tremendous cardiovascular training of a spin class followed by a yoga class focusing on lengthening the muscles used during the ride, building power and strength, increasing flexibility, and deepening the mind/body connection. This fusion class allows students to work on complete fitness: strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility all in one class. By bringing yoga into she spin room, students can learn how to take their yoga into every situation, not just on the mat.