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60 min class (1:05:52)
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Let It Go Freedom Flow

Kylie Larson

While developing this class, I researched what other people had said about freedom. As many people described freedom in various ways, the main take away was freedom is letting go. I had not thought of freedom in this way before. I was so excited because I believe the main point of our yoga practice is to be able to let go. Let go of attachments, expectations and anything holding you back. If freedom is letting go, and the point of yoga is letting go, well I have to conclude that yoga = freedom!! Freedom in both body and mind.

This Freedom Flow focuses on finding space in your body by opening up the shoulders and hips. This class is full of movement and each time we flow, we add on a few poses. There is quite a bit of balance in this class as we work into eagle, half moon, airplane and standing big knee pose. At the end of the class we spend some time in pigeon pose and head to knee pose finding one last release for the hips.

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