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50 min class (48:46)
$ 7.99
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Pleasure Flow

Kylie Larson

This is a feel good flow centered around pleasure!!! You will hit all the tight spots (hips, hamstrings, shoulders), all in the name of feeling good. So many of us are caught up in our day to day to-do's that we aren't making time for pleasure, if we are even aware of what gives us pleasure.

My guess is, anyone who practices yoga gets some sort of pleasure from it, so allow that to be your intention for this flow.

The class begins in child's pose to get you grounded, moves through a few rounds of sun salutations and then primes your body for our flow.
The main flow includes some fun transitions from eagle arms to warrior three arms to extended side angle along with reverse warrior, triangle and reverse triangle to open the hips and side bodies. As we move deeper in the sequence, I add on balance and deeper hip opening with runners lunge and prone frog. The peak pose is eagle, followed by more hip opening in warrior one and humble warrior. Class ends with a final hip opener and twist, leaving you feeling open , grounded and focusing on what feels good in your life.

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