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65 min class (1:03:26)
$ 7.99
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Stop Dreaming, Start Doing

Kylie Larson

The purpose of this class is to get your body moving and prepared for action. Class begins in child's pose where we think about the importance of action backing up our intention. As with all my classes, we take some time to build the poses from the ground up, but after one time through the flow, we are moving breath to breath.

This is a balancing flow class that will open your hips and have your legs shaking. You can expect, chair pose, standing splits, standing figure four and my favorite of all the warriors, warrior three. Once our body is warmed up I invite you to move from half moon to chapasana as well as wild thing.

The most important part of this class however is the message: In order to manifest what you want out of life, you have to take massive action.

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