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Solid Core Flow w/ music by Selador

Kylie Larson

Welcome to the YogaDownload Electronic Music Sessions!

We love music almost as much as we love yoga, so we decided to team up with some of our favorite dance music artists to soudtrack your practice and whisk you away to a faraway land, allowing you to get deep into your class. We also offer a no-music option if you prefer quiet or wish to add your own sounds.

Get ready to fire up your core and your and upper body with this hard core yoga class. You will start working right off the bat with plank work, build heat with sun salutations and tone your legs with the flow that includes lunges, chair pose and goddess squats.

Class finished up with more targeted core work. This is a great class for when you are short on time, but want a quick challenging yoga class.

This class is soundtrakced by Selador Recordings - purveyors of the finest underground house and techno, since forever! For more information about their music visit:
Selador Recordings.
Selador on Soundcloud

GET THE MIX - download the music mix from this class to soundtrack your practice, run, medium-paced workout, or just to groove to!

Selador Recordings music

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