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Solid Core Flow Mix


A music mix that inspires you to move your center - sounds like something you might also do on the dance floor! Dave Seaman of Selador Recordings masterfully mixes an exclusive blend of tracks to help you get moving and flow your way into a solid core. Soundtrack your practice, run, or medium intensity exercise, or simply groove along for fun!

This music mix is featured on Kylie's Solid Core Flow class.

1. Supa Somali ‘Tumbling Fields (Intro Mix)
2. Steve Parry ‘Luna’
3. Supa Somali ‘Tumbling Fields’
4. EdOne ‘Balsam’ (Stelios Vassiloudis Remix)
5. Danny Howells ‘Earthlings X’
6. Guy Mantzur & Lonya feat. Adam Gorlizki ‘Dynasty’
7. Steve Parry ‘Fraiche’

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