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7 Tips for a Healthy and Enjoyable Travel Journey

7 Tips for a Healthy and Enjoyable Travel Journey

Travel can expand our perspective, recharge us, and be one of the best parts of life. However, long journeys can also be tolling on our bodies and minds. Diet's change, long periods of time sitting, and changes in sleep patterns, are all sacrifices for the joy of travel. Restlessness from sitting and waiting can also be hard to deal with. Exercise routines can also suffer (or disappear) when we're on the go. However, you can stay healthy and enjoy traveling, despite these challenges.

Here's 7 tips to enjoy being on the go and stay healthy in the process!

1. Stay Hydrated

This simple tip can be the difference between an enjoyable trip and an uncomfortable one! Drink plenty of water while you're on the go. Of course, if you're in a car, this might mean more bathroom breaks, but it'll be worth it, to keep you healthy and feeling good for a long ride. Refillable water bottles can make this much easier, and cheaper as well, as most bathrooms and rest stops have water fountains you can refill in.

2. Stretch Before and After Take Off (and even in your seat)

Long trips usually mean long periods of time sitting. Studies have proven that too much time sitting still, is not good for our bodies. Luckily, yoga can help. Even if you don't have time to go to your usual hour-long class, a few deep stretches or postures before a long journey will keep your body comfortable for longer and balance out the negative effects of too much sitting. There's even simple stretches and movement exercises you can practice from your seat that will keep you comfortable and open on your trip, instead of tight and stiff.

3. Bring Healthy Snacks

Being on the road, or in the air, usually means much less freedom in choosing what we want to eat. Don't leave your diet entirely up to chance on what they're serving on the plane, or what's available at a rest stop. It's easier to eat junk, when there's nothing else to eat. Stock up on some healthy snacks instead! Of course you won't want to overpack food, but even a few simple, healthy choices, will keep you nourished.

4. Meditate (or practice breathwork)

Unless you're driving, you can meditate, even on the go! While it might be a different experience than meditating on a plane or bus instead of in your normal place or time of day, the benefits are still plentiful. If you're on a plane, chances are no one will even notice that you're actually meditating, while you sit in your seat with your eyes close. Plus, it's a wonderful way to pass the time if you're bored!

5. Take Vitamin C

Travel can take a toll on our immune systems whether it's through lack of sleep, a less healthy diet, or just more exposure to germs. This is especially true if you're traveling by plane, and in close quarters with many others for a prolonged period of time. Make sure you give your immune system a boost by taking vitamins, before, during or after your trip! Vitamin C especially, will give your immune system a nice boost and keep you strong, to ward off any colds or illnesses you might be exposed to on your trip.

6. Make Sure You Have Entertainment

While people watching and nice food can certainly kill the time, if you have a long trip you'll want to make sure you have things to keep you entertained and pass the time. Good music, movies to watch, a book to read, or a journal to write in, can all alleviate those restless moments that may come on trains, planes, buses, or cars. Give yourself options. Sometimes watching movies back to back on a plane can be an enjoyable experience you otherwise wouldn't get in the busyness of daily life on the ground.

7. Enjoy the Journey

Although it can feel like the time in transit is simply to get you where you're going, it's a big part of any travel experience. You never know who you'll meet, what you'll see, or what unexpected surprises will come into your path on your way to somewhere. So, be sure to enjoy the ride, even if it's a long one!

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