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8 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

8 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Travelling regularly for work or pleasure can be extremely fun, but often isn’t particularly good on your body. Gaining weight is all too easy, sitting for long periods of time on trains or planes and being forced to make rush food decisions or generally unhealthier options along the way can mean adding a few pounds around the waist in a short amount of time.

Following a healthy diet and exercising regularly is a lot simpler when you can home cook and exercise at home or nearby, but while travelling, these luxuries are gone; eating healthy and exercising become even more of a challenge. At the very least, staying as well rested and hydrated as possible should be two priorities.

Being overly tired, hungry or both can mean overeating and lethargy, a lethal combination when it comes to health and weight gain. A basic plan of attack is all that you need. This handy infographic by De Vere Hotels gives some highly actionable tips and tactics that you can use to minimize the effects of your travel.

More Inspiration for these 8 Tips!

1. Combine Sightseeing with Fitness to Fit More In : Exercising in a new setting is really a unique lens to experience a new place with. Running in particular, is a powerful way to see a new place, while taking a yoga class in a new city is a way to get a deeper understanding of the people there and maybe make some local friends! 

2. Ask the Locals Where to Eat: People are the best resources, wherever you are in the world. You'll be able to get an idea of local gems, perhaps off the main strip of a town. While the internet is also a valuable resource for reviews and menus, a strong in-person recommendation is often genuine and can lead to a delicious and healthy meal. 

3. Check the Hotel Facilities: If you know fitness and staying active are a priority for your travels, make this a priority for your accomodation. It's often not much more expensive to have a hotel with a workout space and gym, and feeling your best is worth any price. This is especially good you like weights and treadmills. 

4. Drink Up - Water That Is! This is important no matter where you are, but long travel journeys can lower our immune system and staying hydrated is a simple way to stay healthy, vibrant, and avoid getting sick.

5. Fail to Prepare & Prepare to Fail:  Sometimes unhealthy food choices come out of urgency. If you're committed to eating well, take the time to look up several places you know provide quality food, and plan to go there. Plus, you'll have meals to look forward to at new places.

6. Remember the Snacks: Healthy snacks can help you stay feeling your best while traveling! Most of the time, you can bring them with you on the plane as well, which will not only keep you healthier, but also save you money.

7. Take your Exercise Kit with You: If you need props and tools to workout and your workout kit only takes up a tiny amount of space, bring it with you! Yoga mats and running shoes can be easy to transport, and make the difference between a healthy trip versus an unhealthy one.

8. Choose an Active HolidaySometimes unwinding is an excellent choice. But it can be worth it to stay active, have balance, and stay fit while enjoying a new place. 

By Jay Williams

Jay is part of the community team at DeVere Hotels, responsible for engaging with their community and beyond. As well as having an obsession with all things, travel Jay is a family man, and lover of self-improvement and life hacks. 

Facebook: DeVere Hotels

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