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Happy 14th Birthday YogaDownload!

Happy 14th Birthday YogaDownload!

While 2020 may be the year many people around the globe discovered the joy of practicing online yoga at home, is celebrating 14 years of being a pioneer in the online yoga space. Founder, Jamie Kent, first created with audio yoga classes designed to reach students who couldn’t make it to a studio. 

Whether the barrier was location or cost or time, her vision was to share yoga with the world by providing world-class teachers, affordability, and ease of use. If you’ve been with us from the beginning or just discovered how life-changing practicing on your own terms can be, thank you for being here!

Anniversaries are important milestones and a great opportunity to pause, reflect, and be grateful. We couldn’t be more grateful for our global community of yogis who have shown up on the mat. Take a moment and check in: have you explored all the workshops, challenges, programs available to support you on your yoga journey? We’ve designed these series for you so take advantage!

Challenges to Hold You Accountable: Have you joined us in fun challenges like the 2-week Yoga for All Challenge, the 5-Day Pilates Yoga Fusion Intensive or the Yoga Challenge for Busy People? Even though we aren’t physically together, you’ve got a virtual community participating together! And we’ve created each challenge for maximum results and minimal time. 

Programs for Everyone: We’re thankful for the yogis who began their yoga journey with us with exclusive programs like Yoga 101: Start Here, Start Now with Jackie Casal Mahrou. If you’ve been practicing a while, have you considered the 21 Day Full Body Fitness Bootcamp? If you need stress relief, we’re here for you! Relaxing Restorative Yoga: 5 class series or the Reset Refuge Gentle Yoga Immersion will give you structure and direction. All you need to do is press play. 

Series for Inspiration: To address various perspectives and interests, try the Everyday Yamas program, Body Positive Yoga, Fearless After Fifty, or the Astrology and Yoga series. Check out all the different options on the website to keep your practice fresh. We’re confident we’ll have at least one that resonates.

Workshops to Deepen Your Practice: Sometimes you need to slow down and spend the time to focus on form, like in our workshop 6-Day Advanced Alignment Series. Or take an Arm Balancing Workshop or dive into philosophy with a Yoga Sutras series. We also have a variety of Wellness and therapeutic programs, like Yoga for Chronic Pain Relief and a series to address back pain. 

This week we’re highlighting four throwback classics, from the first class ever with Dawnelle Arthur to three of the top-rated, most watched classes over the years. Give these popular practices a go! We also encourage you to pick a new program or series you’ve never tried and expand your horizons. We’re so happy you are part of the family. Cheers to many more years on the mat together.


1. Get Up & Flow - Jackie Casal Mahrou

2. Morning Movement - Kylie Larson

3. Quick Energy Flow - Claire Petretti Marti

4. Core Yoga 1 - Dawnelle Arthur

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