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$ 28.00

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Relaxing Restorative Yoga at Home: 5-Class Series

This multi-day Restorative yoga immersion will help you de-stress, become more flexible, and guide you towards optimal health and well-being. Yoga is a way to slow things down if you're used to living a fast life and keep a sense of harmony and balance. However, most yoga classes are active, build heat and move from one pose to the next quickly and it's possible that practicing solely high-intensity yoga classes can keep your mind and nervous system overstimulated. Slower and more passive yoga styles like Restorative yoga, allow both your mind and body to relax deeply and experience a different set of benefits.

These yoga classes are soothing in all ways and give you time to hold passive postures with the help of props. In a Restorative class, expect to be laying down or seated throughout the class. No Warrior poses, no Chaturangas, no Chair pose. Just nice, juicy holds in deeply healing yoga poses using blocks, straps, blankets, and bolsters. You will also be reminded to focus on your breath throughout the process.

Restorative yoga helps us remember that we need to learn to simply be, as much as we do. If you're always pushing yourself, remember to enjoy more nourishing practices sometimes and slow down. We're not meant to always rush from one thing to another and there is power in taking our time with things.

While the intensity of these classes is different, it does not mean Restorative classes are always easy or lack benefits. While you'll finish feeling refreshed, it's even possible you'll feel a little sore the next day, from the deep stretching.

Physically, Restorative yoga increases flexibility, strengthens your immune system, supports weight loss, helps heal injuries, relieves back pain, and balances your nervous system. Mentally, Restorative yoga helps quiet your mind, alleviate stress, and release emotional clutter. Stillness, whether seated or in a yoga pose, is a powerful way to let go of frantic mental patterns and these classes help you find unity between the body and mind, which is the real meaning of yoga. Restorative yoga is also a useful pathway towards a seated meditation practice.

This 5-class package is yours to keep and enjoy, at any time. Each of these creative, mellow, and nourishing Restorative classes are taught by a different expert teacher, who brings their own flavor to this style. There is a mix of class lengths, depending on how much time you want to practice. Treat yourself to this Restorative yoga collection and experience the benefits of relaxing Restorative yoga for yourself.

  • Anyone who wants to relax deeply
  • Anyone ready to feel empowered in their role healing their body
  • Everyone from yoga beginners to advanced yoga practitioners of all ages
  • Those who want to increase flexibility, decrease stress, or feel better overall

  • Classes from 30 to 60 minutes
  • Enough Restorative yoga content to give you a regular at-home Restorative practice


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Relaxing Restorative Yoga at Home: 5-Class Series
$ 28.00
$ 28.00
Program Items
Saraswati Hangs the Stars This slow flow and rejuvenative practice is suitable for any level of healthy practitioner wanting a unique exploration into embodied story telling.
No Fuss Restorative Yoga This 30 minute practice leads the yogi toward a healing and recuperative experience, soothing the nervous system, encouraging mindfulness and cultivating a heightened body awareness.
Take a Load Off Enjoy some relaxing "me" time with this practice, as you wander into that space between sleep and wake as you quietly release tension and stress with simple breath work and reclined postures.
Super Lazy Restorative This class is designed for when you've had a long day on your feet - there is little movement so you can just unwind into the cave of your consciousness.
Rest & Rejuvenate This class focuses on a few postures that you will hold for a long time so you can deeply and completely let go - if you fall asleep, even better!