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Shannon Paige   Flower

Living fully as an author, sacred activist, motivational speaker, dedicated teacher of Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow, and founder of Anjali Restorative Yoga and Bhava Vinyasa Yoga, Shannon is an expressive student of the symbolic nature of Tantra and mystic poetry. She interweaves her student’s unique purpose driven inspiration into the divine play of body and breath to unlock the secret wisdom held within the heart.

Her classes are dedicated to a sense of mystery and wonder within a vinyasa of self-honoring, self-cultivation, and radical self-participation.
Shannon is the founder and director of Om Time yoga centers, tours, teaches and speaks nationally and internationally.

Shannon is inspired by those who have the courage to show up to themselves on and off the mat. She draws her creative influences from her many teachers: Shiva Rea, Douglas Brooks, Lorin Roche, Sianna Sherman, Chris Tompkins, Harrish Wallace, and Paul Mueller Ortega.
When spending time off the mat, Shannon strives to support non-profits and direct inspiration and resources through her relationship with Zobha’s Circle of Grace and Off the Mat Into the World to many causes and populations of need of love, devotion, and energy.

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