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Yoga for Depression and Anxiety

Shannon Paige

This all levels flow is aimed at empowering conscious attention to the body's symmetrical and asymmetrical orientation through the lunge-warrior one family. Several of the techniques that help build sound, sustainable postures ALSO inspire ease activation in the brain. This practice aims us at opening hips, hamstrings, and progressing in a meaningful and connected way TOWARDS full splits.

As many of us already know, yoga can help us accomplish many great and beautiful things, but unfortunately one thing it can't do is cure you from depression or anxiety. However, what it can do is help you boldly take a look at the patterns of depression and anxiety that you carry in your body, and aim your practice to most effectively help alleviate some of the symptoms.

As you can probably tell, this class is deep, informative, full of meaning, yet still super fun! It is an all levels class offering modifications throughout so you can take your practice to where you need and want, and offers an opportunity to aim yourself toward something interesting and worthwhile as you learn to find ease amongst dis-ease.

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