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$ 26.00

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Healing 101: Yoga for Trauma, Grief, & Illness

This yoga program is especially designed for those of us going through a challenging time in life. While common yoga themes of gratitude and love are always useful, for many, there are moments in life, where a different approach is needed. This program supports those going through a harder time, whether it's old trauma, recent grief, or navigating illness. Studies have shown that trauma and illness has a strong connection to both the mind and the body. Yoga helps move stuck energy, grief, and trauma in the body. It often takes a slightly different and unique approach to the yoga practice in these trying times, which you will find in these classes.The focus of the classes in this program is around processing our emotions in a healthy way and supporting you through your own unique healing process.

Grief and loss can be paralyzing can make it challenging to simply get up and keep going everyday, let alone, feel joy. Grief can pass over time, by allowing ourselves to feel it. For those who find themselves battling a serious illness, or living with an ongoing illness, staying positive emotionally and strong physically can take effort at times. This program is here to support you.

This package is ideal for anyone experiencing these life challenges. There are classes specific to each unique challenge (trauma, loss, grief, or illness), as well as classes applicable to overall healing, regardless of your current battle. Classes are gentler and centered on giving you a safe space to move through your emotions and heal.

Healing 101 is powerful whether you're an experienced yogi or a first-timer. If you already practice, but you've had your life change in an unexpected or challenging way and the same routine or practice might not feel like it's serving you at the moment with what you're going through. For others, challenging moments like these, are a ripe opportunity to discover the power of yoga, and help begin a healing process. Many find yoga at a point in their lives that feel heavy.

If you're going through a hard time, whether it's from trauma, grief, or illness, give yourself the gift of yoga with Healing 101, specially designed, by Shannon Paige, to help begin your powerful healing process.

  • Any level of practitioner
  • Those struggling with loss, illness, or any sort of trauma
  • Anyone going through a tough time
  • Those suffering from anxiety or depression
  • Anyone navigating illness

  • How to cope with challenging times
  • You will experience some gentle relief from the weight of your struggles
  • A space to process difficult emotions in a healthy way
  • A chance to allow yourself to feel
  • Yoga practices you can return to, whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed by your challenges


Full Program
Healing 101: Yoga for Trauma, Grief, & Illness
$ 26.00
$ 26.00
Program Items
Yoga for the Anxious Moments Anxiety relieving breath practices will shift us into meaningful movement to surface the root causes of anxious behavior and authentically create positive change.
Yoga for Navigating Illness From honest inquiry into the state of body and level of energy, we will engage a nurturing breath practice. The breath will lead us into quiet, slow shapes and movement.
Yoga for the Dark, Dark Days We will let the breath surface the muddy feelings and have slow movement transmute them towards a brave meditation.
Yoga for Loss This is a gentle breath-centered, slow moving practice, that aims us at a comforting breathing practice and meditation.
Criss Cross Healing Utilizing cross lateral movement, we aim to soothe the mind, body and heart in this resetting and reaffirming practice.
Mindful Motion for Healing The slower and more mindful the movement, attention to the spaces in between, the more healing the entire practice.