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55 min class (54:50)
$ 7.99
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Saraswati Hangs the Stars

Shannon Paige

Enjoy a class that is about 60% slow and nourishing movement paired with a balanced 40% of deep and rejuvenating restorative postures.

Myths are powerful teachers. Believing this, let’s weave the telling of a great story into a slow flow and rejuvenative restorative yoga practice. The hallmarks of the Mythic Motion, Slow Flow and Restore practice style are breath-centric action, poetic imagery, and a deeply meditative current. With that and a movement emphasis on lower back health, this session will engage myth in motion through the telling of how the great goddess, Saraswati, hung the stars and caused time to fall into order. This practice is suitable for any level of healthy practitioner wanting a unique exploration into embodied story telling.

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