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YogaDownload's 16th Birthday!

YogaDownload's 16th Birthday!

Do you love celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones? Marking important occasions with rituals and celebrations is a great way to express gratitude for what’s meaningful in your life. This week, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating 16 years of YogaDownload! We appreciate our global community of yogis, that would be you by the way, and wouldn’t be here today without your consistency and dedication to yoga.

One of the ways we’ve distinguished ourselves over the years is by consistently bringing you fresh content every week. As part of our celebration, we are featuring throw-back classes from some long-time YogaDownload teachers who have been with us from the beginning and are still creating new practices for you. The teachers you love and appreciate return to the studio over and over because of you. 

Our founder, Jamie Kent, started with the premise of making yoga accessible to people who couldn’t make it to the studio for various reasons––physical, financial, or temporal. YogaDownload offers tons of classes (almost 2,000!) in various lengths and styles to accommodate your schedule and your individual needs. Whether you are a beginner, an advanced yogi, someone needing yoga for cancer recovery, or you need to manage back pain, we’ve got classes for you. Over the years, our offerings have expanded from classes to meditations, pranayama, workshops, challenges, and programs from your favorite teachers. 

Anniversaries are a time to check in and review all you’ve accomplished, celebrate where you are now, and look forward with anticipation at what’s on the horizon. Take a few moments to see what’s available on the site today and explore all the workshops, specialty programs, take a few classic classes and try a new teacher …all you need to do is press play! 

Remember you can practice yoga 24 hours a day with a myriad of choices in style, length, and instructors. Yoga gives you the opportunity to take care of yourself, body, mind, and spirit. Thank you so much for being here: we wouldn’t exist without you! 

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