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Full Moon Astrology Forecast: October 31, 2020

Full Moon Astrology Forecast: October 31, 2020

This Full Moon illuminates in Pisces and is bringing confidence and soul wisdom into full light. As the second Full Moon of the month, this one is a bit special and has several planets adding their own bit of magic. The previous New Moon on the 16th shifted a lot within the personality, and understanding one’s potential. This Moon will bring it all full circle. Unlike the New Moon, this lunation is less neurotic, and the self will feel more stable. 

Mercury retrograde is assisting with the energy of rebuilding and is working to communicate from inner guidance. The mundane, and self-importance will fall short. Trust your intuition and get to the heart of the matter in all your communications, within self and the outer world. The soul directive to the self is strong and purposeful. This is forming an amazing combination of awareness and gungho energy to step more powerfully into who you are.

Mars, currently retrograde in Pisces is at a pinnacle position which brings courage to purpose, and will shine through the conscious mind to support inner guidance and self-discipline. The inner connection to gifts, and what is possible becomes clearer. The reliance on others, and the outer world will seem less relevant. Many of you will feel a zeel to take on the world, and you should! 

There truly is so much supportive energy that moves your gifts forward from a place of confidence and less from pleasing.

This Full Moon is also reflecting auspicious energy from Jupiter who is sitting regally at a point of exaltation. What this means is there may be disappointments and disinterest in the superficial.

Only the REAL and authentic will do. Desires are aligned with dharma-purpose. This Jupiterian energy encourages self-assurance to stand boldly in bringing forward your inner gifts. Inner strength, wisdom to move forward, and the power to stand on your own is also being highlighted. 

Now it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, this lunation can stir resentment, dissatisfaction, and will highlight the TRUTH in many ways and through many parts of life. Work through discomfort with gratitude, appreciate everyone, because we’re all in this evolutionary journey together. Stand so radiantly in your truth, and do not measure yourself against anything or anyone. You are being pushed to step into yourself in bigger and greater ways.

Normally initiating creative projects or new endeavors isn’t ideal during Mercury retrograde and during a Full Moon. However, this alignment is different.

If you have a calling, gifts, or a project you would like to put into motion. Do it on the 31st. Do it from a place of service for your purpose, higher good, and in honor of your gifts. This will work beautifully with this moon. If the intentions are selfish, or materistically driven it will not be as favorable. Be well my loves, and remember you were born for this. 

Depending on your unique chart there will be variations within these planetary energies. To learn more about your planets and, book a full astrology reading here. Book a fixed star reading to understand your mental/emotional body and how to empower your yoga through your lunar birth star. 

By Geenie (Gemma) Celento

Geenie, also known as Gemma, is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, astrologer and student of the Sri Vidya Tantric lineage. Her website is here.Her classes on YogaDownload are often inspired by astrology and aimed to guide each student to unfold a deeper connection from within. Her diverse knowledge and continued studies in the spiritual sciences can be felt in her class offerings. With humble devotion Gemma weaves the wisdom of yogic practices into accessible and impactful mat experiences.
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